Will Samsung also launch smartphones without chargers? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

After the presentation of iOS 14 during the WWDC conference, Apple fans are now waiting for the presentation of the company’s next devices, the iPhone 12. There are now many rumors about these models. One of these rumors suggests that Apple may not have charging cases or wired headphones in the iPhone 12 box.

And today there is a new rumor that Samsung could do the same for its next smartphones in 2021. This is explained by our colleagues Android Central, who share an article from the Asian media ET News. Essentially, the idea is to compensate for the additional costs that 5G modems incur by removing the charging box (but not the cable) from the packaging of smartphones. This would either generate more profit or offer smartphones at significantly cheaper prices.

For most users, this wouldn’t be a real problem since they can use the case of their old smartphones. However, users of certain models may need to purchase a special box to take advantage of the latest fast charging technologies.

But of course it’s just a rumor at the moment. Therefore caution is still required.

It becomes clearer for the iPhone 12

As for the next iPhone, rumors about the lack of the box and headphones are becoming apparent. It all started with a note allegedly published by the famous analyst Ming Chi Kou. Then we recently shared information that Apple would have sent a survey to users asking what they did with their old iPhone’s charger.

And recently the Asian website Nikkei has confirmed the rumors. An article published this week points out that all iPhone 12 have an OLED screen and that there is no charger or headphones. And according to these media, reducing costs is one of the reasons. Apple also believes its customers can use the casing of their old devices.

In addition, Apple could even suggest that by not including these accessories in the package, it helps reduce electronic waste.