Where can you buy the Samsung Galaxy A41 at the best price? The 2020 guide July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Samsung is one of the market leaders in the affordable smartphone market thanks to its Galaxy A series. The Galaxy A40, located between the Galaxy A20e and the Galaxy A50, was one of the main suggestions in France for those who want to buy a cheap smartphone at the best price-performance ratio. In 2020, the South Korean company decided to update its product with the presentation of the Galaxy A41. It has been marketed in France since the beginning of June at a price below 300 euros and is probably very sensitive to the various good offers from the main retailers.

For 2020, the Galaxy A41 has improved many of its predecessor’s functions in order to continue to compete with Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, which are also launching very competitive smartphones on the market. However, we appreciate the care that Samsung, thanks to its know-how for the Galaxy S, the high-end of the brand, apparently seems to bring more to its cheap devices. A triple photo module enables the integration of an ultra wide-angle lens into the program. The 6.1-inch screen is equipped with AMOLED technology, which is remarkable for a market that is used to LCD screens.

Galaxy A41 at the best price Base price: 299 $

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We have listed you for our shopping guide for the Samsung Galaxy A41 2020 the best prices to buy the Galaxy A41 cheap and at the best price. The comparison table of the best prices mentioned above shows you every day what the best offers are currently and what discounts are granted on the Galaxy A41. Traditionally, the initial retail price has dropped over time, and it is getting easier and easier to find a cheap Galaxy A41 at the best price in 2020. See below for more information our Samsung Galaxy A41 buying guide.

Galaxy A41 main

Our Samsung Galaxy A41 buying guide © Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A41 buying guide

Why buy a Galaxy A41 in 2020?

To start our buying guide, we’ll look at the best features and benefits the Samsung Galaxy A41 has to offer. Smartphones have become very popular in France in 2020, but the race for the best technologies doesn’t stir the hearts of all consumers. Some want to get the best benefits for important elements of the smartphone and not for gadgets. Samsung understood this by focusing on the screen, camera, and autonomy.

An AMOLED screen, a guarantee of quality

The first point to be dealt with is therefore the screen. Samsung has decided to leave out aging LCD technology, which is less qualitative than LED display technology. Thanks to its success, the brand was able to integrate a 6.1-inch panel with a Full HD + resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels in Super AMOLED. The colors are more true to the original, the blacks are completely black and there is a feeling of a better definition.

A bigger battery

It was a point that disappointed the customers of the Galaxy A40: the smartphone’s battery did not offer enough autonomy to be more interesting than the Galaxy A20e, its little brother. In 2020, Samsung restored the hierarchy in the range and the new Galaxy A41 changes to a 3500 mAh battery. Thanks to its MediaTel Helio P65 processor, which is not very energy-intensive, the smartphone becomes more autonomous. In any case, the technologies are advancing and Samsung has not hesitated to equip its smartphone with a 15 W cable. This is a quick charge that can quickly restore the full capacity of the battery.

Galaxy A41 battery

The battery of the Samsung Galaxy A41 © Samsung

New photo sensors

The third year of the Galaxy A series (after the Galaxy A51 and A71) has a new photo module. On its dorsal part, the block has three targets that allow a whole bunch of satisfactory photographs to be taken for sufficiently exposed scenes. The 48 MP main sensor is supported by an 8 MP ultra wide angle. The third module, which has a depth sensor, allows you to take photos in portrait format.

On the front is the notch in the form of a drop of water, and Samsung uses a 25 MP selfie sensor.

Samsung Galaxy A41

The photo sensors of the Samsung Galaxy A41 / © Samsung

Where can you buy a Samsung Galaxy A41, at what price?

We come to the most important part of this article: Where can you buy the Samsung Galaxy A41 at the best price? Now let’s get to the heart of the matter and compare the different French websites to find the best price for the cheap Samsung Galaxy A41. As usual, we offer an overview table of the best prices and update the potential live offers from e-retailers.

Buy the cheapest Samsung Galaxy A41

For its price, the cheapest Galaxy A41 takes advantage of the features and advantages above, adding 64 GB of internal storage and 4 GB of RAM. The smartphone is available in different colors, including black, gray, red and blue. The smartphone is available at the recommended price of $ 299 The best price for the Samsung Galaxy A41 is $ 237.00.

Best cheap Samsung Galaxy A41 price:

Galaxy A41 at the best price Base price: 299 $

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As you can see above, right now The best price for the Samsung Galaxy A41 is $ 237.00. We would like to point out that smartphones in the Galaxy A series are subject to significant price reductions over time. Between the good plans of the e-retailers and the most natural decline in the product, the Samsung Galaxy A41 Pro gets cheaper over the months.

Samsung Galaxy A41

$ 299

Samsung Galaxy A41