Where can you buy the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro at the best price in 2020? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Xiaomi presented its Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro during an online presentation rather than at the MWC because the 2020 edition was canceled. The successors of the models that were introduced 3 months ago are still considered the worthy flagships of the Chinese brand. She hopes to compete with industry premium heavyweights like Huawei and Samsung. But where can you buy the Xiaomi Mi 10 at the best price in 2020? Here is our guide to buying the best prices from retailers right now.

As you can see, the table above shows the best live price for Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. Some retailers already offer the smartphone, others have already lowered the price of the brand’s new flagship. It’s a great opportunity to have fun as the current promotions are not available long before stocks go up. So it’s a good idea to be quick to avoid a good discount and get the best price on the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 10

© Xiaomi

The Xiaomi Mi 10, a high-end smartphone … and accessible

Xiaomi has grown for years by maintaining a process that invites them to design high-end products while remaining accessible to the general public. Here too, the brand remains in this position by formalizing a smartphone whose price-performance ratio is excellent.

Within its category, the Xiaomi Mi 10 is also one of the most attractive phones, to the disadvantage of its competitors, who are represented by the Samsung or Huawei series. The latest smartphone from the manufacturer can be characterized by solid technical properties that match those of other market participants. Also note that the Xiaomi Mi 10 also includes a Snapdragon 865 processor at the best price, which is currently none other than Qualcomm’s best SoC.

Xiaomi Mi 10, formalized a few weeks ago in China and recently in France, will be available on several trading platforms from April 7. Since its presentation in China, the phone has aroused great interest among Mi series followers, especially because it offers features that are even higher quality than its predecessor, the Mi 9.

On the design side, the Xiaomi Mi 10 has all the properties that a smartphone must seduce in 2020, as well as beautiful surfaces. We mainly notice an even larger screen area than that of the Mi 9 in order to achieve refined lines overall. The phone has a 6.67-inch HDR10 + AMOLED screen and an optical fingerprint reader sensor under the screen.

As with the previous model, the back of the phone can be released as much as possible, giving it an extremely sophisticated overall appearance. The Mi 9’s notch has been replaced by a slap in the corner of the phone screen. All these elements are therefore those of the phones with the highest range on the market, strong arguments for the Xiaomi Mi 10. On the operating system side, the latter uses the MIUI 10 overlay on Android 10 Q.

Xiaomi Mi 10

Xiaomi Mi 10 © Xiaomi

If you want to buy this Xiaomi Mi 10 at the best price, you should also know that the Snapdragon processor’s performance is accompanied by excellent photo quality. This is an important point when choosing a smartphone. There is a photo module on the last phone of the Chinese brand, which consists of the famous 108 Mpx sensor, an ultra wide-angle sensor with 13 Mpx sensor, a 2 Mpx ToF sensor and a 2 Mpx macro mode consists.

The 108 MP sensor is reminiscent of the Xiaomi Note 10, whose fame is based in part on this property. The Mi 10 Pro model contains a module that corresponds to the Mi 10, i.e. a main sensor with 108 Mpx, an ultra wide angle with 20 Mpx, a short telephoto lens with 12 Mpx and a long telephoto lens with 8 Mpx Mpx, 1 / 4.4 inches with 94 mm equivalent 1: 2 lens and optical stabilization.

Before we could go ahead and see how to buy Xiaomi’s Mi 10 or Mi 10 Pro at the best price, we had to get to the processor. The Snapdragon 865 chip is currently the best on the market, and many Xiaomi competitors are still revealing smartphones that don’t have the latest Qualcomm processor. The latter’s performance should logically seduce fans of video games and movies by allowing them to optimize their battery.

Strictly speaking, we come to another important point of the Xiaomi Mi 10: autonomy. The last flagship of the brand has a battery of 4,780 mAh and the phone is equipped with wireless charging and fast 30 W charging. In short, you need very little time to charge your phone beforehand. Go out for your daily work or go to a party.

Also note that the dark mode was introduced on MIUI 10 a few months ago, which means that the battery can be saved in a not insignificant way while far exceeding a day of autonomy – which is far from the case for all smartphones. Now let’s see the best price for the Xiaomi Mi 10 as well as the availability and storage capacity of the smartphone of the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi Mi 10 front and rear

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Where can you buy the Mi 10 Xiaomi, at what price?

In France, the Xiaomi Mi 10 for the 256 GB version costs 799 euros. For a 256 GB version, the Mi 10 Pro costs 999 euros. These prices are higher compared to the Mi 9 and Mi 9 Pro which was introduced a few months ago. However, the data sheet for this new smartphone is much better. An increase in these prices is therefore justified by excellent capabilities – and the prices remain below those of many smartphones with equivalent functions.

Xiaomi Mi 10 at the best price Base price: 799 $

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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro at the best price Base price: 999 $

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Here is the table that shows the best prices of Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro. With this you have access to real-time tariffs to find the phone at several online retailers, whether French or not. This table is updated every 30 minutes to make sure you find the most attractive price on the market when looking for information or buying this new phone with the signature Xiaomi. Given its capabilities, it is certain that the phone will attract a large audience. Do not hesitate to quickly benefit from the Xiaomi Mi 10 at the best price.

In comparison, many smartphones from Huawei and Samsung have exceeded the symbolic mark of 1,000 euros. Xiaomi is successful in offering a high-end phone at a price that is still largely suitable due to its capabilities and technical features. Even Apple and its high-end cell phones are struggling with the boom in this segment, in which Xiaomi is often represented with its new smartphones.

And you, are you planning to buy a Mi 10 (or Mi 10 Pro)?