Where can you buy the iPhone SE at the best price and the cheapest price (2020)? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Four years after the first generation, Apple decided to produce a new entry-level model: the iPhone SE 2020. This new edition follows the design of the previous iPhone 8 and is more than 300 euros cheaper than the basic version of the iPhone 11. IPhone SEs have been on sale since Friday, April 17.

This affordable iPhone SE is a real gateway to the iOS world, especially for Android customers, who are held back by buying an iPhone due to an understandable economic issue. The American giant Apple intends to sell more than 20 million copies of its new model. A future box? Most likely.

iPhone SE 2020 64 GB at the best price Base price: 489 $

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In the best price comparison chart for iPhone SE 2020 aboveFind the best prices to buy the latest iPhone SE 2020 cheap. We have identified all French e-retailers who sell the product to offer you the best deals in real time. Let’s start from the beginning: Where can you buy the iPhone SE at the best price in 2020? Here you will find everything you need to know.

Apple iPhone SE 2020

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Shall we buy this new iPhone SE 2020?

Apple plays a major role with its iPhone SE 2020. Given the current health crisis and the success the model is expected to have, online stores are a must to buy the new iPhone SE and not lose patience. Very often, the strong enthusiasm of the first months after the opening for immediate purchase (after pre-orders) implies extended delivery times. This way you will also find the iPhone SE at the best price in 2020.

Apple’s cheapest iPhone

We couldn’t start this part without talking about the price of this new iPhone SE 2020. Because Apple has decided to present its new entry-level model at the best price of 489 euros, compared to the few 809 euros that the version of the iPhone 11 base offers. The difference is huge, and Apple again manages to offer a model that does the job Image of its American brand is not affected, as this iPhone SE 2020 is very different from the range of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

With its new product, the Cupertino company would rather like Android users who will see the economic argument of the iPhone SE 2020 as a way to enter the iOS ecosystem without any problems as before.The first generation of the smartphone between 2016 and 2018 when it was marketed has been.

The same processor (A13) as the iPhone 11

Another argument that should encourage you to buy an iPhone SE 2020 at the best price (and not expensive if possible) is the technical sheet. If Apple has chosen the design of the iPhone 8, the new entry-level smartphone from the Apple brand benefits from the heart of the iPhone 11: the A13 Bionic chip and its performance, all of which are simply the best in the high-end market.

The processor is engraved in 7 nm and should offer a performance that corresponds to the use of the iPhone SE 2020. The smartphone runs the latest updates for iOS 13 and benefits from a 64 GB internal storage (for the cheapest version), while the first iPhone SE was limited to 16 GB!

Of course, 5G is not present in the connectivity section (it will likely have to wait for the iPhone 12 to be available). However, Apple has continued to make sure that this iPhone SE 2020 benefits from the latest connectivity technologies, especially in the Wi-Fi area. The new cheap iPhone SE 2020 is still compatible with WiFi 6 (up to 2.7 times faster), which is not yet the case with all high-end devices that exist on Android today, mainly on Wi-Fi 5.

iPhone SE 2020 photo

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The arrival of the mode related to the iPhone SE 2020

When the iPhone 8 launched, the iPhone X stole the phone’s spotlight by launching a new portrait mode that allows photos to be taken with background blur. The software now offers the mode on the new iPhone SE 2020. In order to control the best price for buyers and to separate the range of the iPhone SE from that of the iPhone 11, Apple has integrated no more than one sensor into its smartphone. It’s still the same 12 MP sensor used for the iPhone 8. A module developed by the Japanese specialist Sony with 28 mm and an opening of 1: 1.8, which should respond perfectly to customers.

A more compact smartphone

In terms of design, the iPhone SE is a “copy paste” of the iPhone 8 (which is no longer for sale). It has the same dimensions, screen and assemblies as the first iPhone SE with the iPhone 5s at that time. We’ll appreciate the finishes and for fans of the “Home” button at the bottom of the screen know that the latter, like the iPhone 8, is always tactile and therefore has no doubt as to its duration in terms of reliability.

The smartphone is made of aluminum and the back of Gorilla glass. In conjunction with a 4.7-inch screen, this iPhone SE 2020 should please for its compact size, which is not so present on the iPhone 11 (6.1-inch screen). Now you can see in the last part how you can buy the iPhone SE 2020 at the best price and not expensive.

iPhone SE 2020 games

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Where can you buy the iPhone SE 2020, what about the price?

We come to the most important part of this article: Where can you buy the new iPhone SE 2020 at the best price and not expensive? Now we come to the heart of the matter and compare the different French websites to find the cheap iPhone SE 2020. As usual, we have created an overview table with the best prices by updating the potential good plans of the e-retailers live.

Although Apple is not as well known as the Android brands because they offer lower prices over time, it can be said that its smartphones have been increasingly exposed to promotions and good deals in recent years. The iPhone 8 released three years ago has already seen a significant drop in prices. We recommend that you buy the new iPhone SE (rather than the last models of the 8 that are still available), as it is more likely to be up to date and has superior technical features for a pretty smartphone. cheap.

Best price for iPhone SE 2020:

iPhone SE 2020 64 GB at the best price Base price: 489 $

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The introductory price for the smartphone is currently 489 euros. At this price, Apple is offering to buy its iPhone SE 2020 in a version with 64 GB of memory. However, it is also possible to order the iPhone SE in the 128 and 256 GB versions, which was not the case with the iPhone 8. Below are the prices for the iPhone SE:

  • 64 GB version: $ 489.00
  • 128 GB version: $ 539.00
  • 256 GB version: $ 659.00

The new iPhone SE 2020 comes standard with a 5 W cable. But the Apple smartphone is also compatible with the ultra-fast 18W charger that Apple markets, and you can also take advantage of the wireless charging that comes with the product. This iPhone SE 2020 is now available at the best price of $ 489.

And you are planning to buy the iPhone SE 2020?

iPhone SE 2020

$ 489