Where can you buy the iPhone 11 at the best price and cheap in 2020? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Apple presented its latest generation of the iPhone 11 at a trade fair that took place at its headquarters last September. While the iPhone XR has largely promoted the sale of the previous generation of smartphones under iOS, the iPhone 11 logically becomes the major reference of 2020. The following explains in detail how and where to find it Where can you buy your iPhone 11 at the best price and cheapest price in 2020?.

Best price iPhone 11 64 GB:

iPhone 11 at the best price Base price: 809 $

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As you can see in the best price comparison chart for the 64GB iPhone 11 above, most ecommerce players have listed this new generation of Apple phones in their catalog.

The conditions are the same for all of the above-mentioned e-retailers: they offer the same 2-year manufacturer’s warranty as if you had obtained them from the Apple store. Unfortunately, you should not expect a high discount when buying an iPhone 11, as it is new and the price-performance ratio is convincing.

iPhone 11, the best value for money

While it was launched on September 10, 2019, the new iPhone 11 has a very bright future ahead of it. Not only is it cheaper than its predecessor when it was released, it is also much more efficient. In terms of the price-performance ratio mentioned above, it differs from its big brothers, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which are more efficient but also more expensive.

If you want to buy a new generation iPhone 11 smartphone, the best value for money is clearly that of the iPhone 11 – which makes the device a relatively cheap product. Very soon after its release, Apple was forced to increase the volume of production from its suppliers in order to meet the high demand.

If you want to buy an iPhone 11 at the best price in 2020, you have to be curious: there are almost no special offers, so you have to keep the standard price. Even worse, with the coronavirus health crisis, stocks are limited and the amount available will necessarily be more limited. Apple suppliers had to pause, which is burdening the offer.

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Before we go into the details of the best price to buy an iPhone 11 in 2020, let’s take a brief look at the technical features. This new phone incorporates the aesthetic codes of the manufacturer’s previous high-end model. The set consists of a single sheet of glass, aluminum edges and a 6.1 inch diagonal IPS LCD screen. It is IP68 certified and offers water resistance (30 minutes up to 2 meters) as well as further improved impact resistance.

Among the new features that can be mentioned if you want to buy the cheap iPhone 11, you immediately think of the second photo sensor, which is attached to the back of the device and enables an extremely large sensor angle that takes impressive pictures. The selfie sensor is improved compared to its predecessor (iPhone XR) and ranges from 7 to 12 MPx. The Face ID system is obviously still part of the new model. The iPhone 11 is also equipped with the new A13 Bionic chip, which makes it the most powerful phone on the market.

You can’t talk about the iPhone without mentioning its autonomy and battery. If you decide to buy an iPhone 11 at the best price and not expensive in 2020, you know that it has one hour more autonomy than the model year. The latter already had 90 minutes more autonomy than the iPhone 8 Plus – so we can only appreciate Apple’s efforts to strengthen the battery. The extremely powerful A13 Bionic chip (and yet somewhat less energy-intensive than the previous one) contributes significantly to this optimization of autonomy.

Where can you buy your iPhone 11 and at what price?

Before you go into detail about the best price to buy your iPhone 11, you should know that the price depends on the storage capacity you choose. For this new generation, the Apple company offers no less than 3 different formats for the cheapest model: 64 GB, 128 GB or 256 GB. For comparison: the previous model was satisfied with the first two versions. Given the significant improvement in photo quality, it makes sense to equip the iPhone 11 with an even higher capacity.

Since its release, the iPhone 11 with 64 GB of memory has a price of 809 euros. The version with 128 GB storage costs $ 859 without discounts. The iPhone 256 GB model costs 979 euros for those who want to use the maximum storage space. This latest iPhone 11 is therefore cheaper than its predecessor iPhone XR at the time of its release, although it is much more efficient.

Best price for an iPhone 11 64 GB:

iPhone 11 at the best price Base price: 809 $

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When Apple saw a slowdown in growth due to the previous iPhone from 2018, the American giant has decided to fully review its pricing policy for this new generation. The price of a cheap iPhone 11 is 50 $ lower than that of the iPhone XR 64 GB, which should logically interest the general public for the new model.

Last year, Apple devastated Asian customers who thought the price of the product was too high. The company has since revised its strategy to target Chinese customers who make up 20% of its iPhone sales. Therefore, if it costs at least $ 809 (without discount) to buy this iPhone 11 at the best price, the iPhone XR has dropped by around $ 709. The price difference should largely support the sale of the iPhone 11, which is much more convincing with its technical properties.

If you choose to buy an iPhone 11 from one of the cyber retailers mentioned above in our comparison, you are guaranteed to benefit from a delivery as soon as possible, sometimes even within 24 hours. It’s very likely that the most popular models are running out of stock – especially in weddings (end of the year), we can only invite you to take maximum precautions when buying an iPhone 11 at the best price in 2020.

iPhone 11

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