What to expect from Samsung phones in 2021: Galaxy S21, no Note? January 9, 2021 – Posted in: Smartphone news

With rumours of an early release for the flagship Galaxy S21, 2021 could kick off with fireworks for Samsung. But how will the rest of the year go? Let’s have a look at what we could see. 

When you think of Android phones, you probably also think of Samsung. The Korean brand has been at the forefront with its S series and Note line, and 2021 looks to be a huge year for the company.

Here’s what could be on the horizon when it comes to Samsung handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S21 arriving earlier than expected

Samsung’s big consumer-focused flagship of the year for 2021 looks set to be the Galaxy S21. And you might not have to wait too long to sneak a peek at the iPhone 12 Pro rival, since rumours suggest a January launch. That’s far earlier than the traditional S series release cycle.

Once again, we could get three models – S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra – sporting an updated design, with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset running the show. Well, at least in the US – expect European versions to be powered by an upcoming 5nm Exynos chipset.

Credit: OnLeaks (via Voice)

According to a leaked roadmap on 2021 Samsung phone releases, there will also be an S21 FE (Fan Edition) version. Samsung released the S20 FE months after the original S21, so we could end up seeing this towards the end of the year.

Samsung flagships to expect this year:

S21 FE
S21 Ultra
Z Fold 3
Z Flip 3
Z Fold FE

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Samsung Galaxy Note 21 – or maybe not?

One of the biggest rumours circling regarding the S21 series is that at least one model will actually pack support for Samsung’s S Pen stylus. Until now, this has been a Note exclusive – at least when it comes to phones.

In turn, this might suggest the Note series won’t be getting a new entry in 2021, with the S Pen-toting S21 version taking its spot.

A focus on foldables with a Z Fold 3 and updated Z Flip

So, if Samsung ditches the Note series then which of its devices could take that August release spot? We’d suggest a couple of foldables. We’ve already seen leaks that showcase Samsung’s roadmap for the year and these highlight a Z Fold 3, likely cheaper Fold FE and Z Flip update.

A cheaper foldable device could be a real winner, as so many of these devices in the past have cost significantly more than your typical Android phone.

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