What if Google Pixel 5 looked like this? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

At the moment we don’t know when Google could start the Pixel 4a. However, rumors about the Pixel 5, which the company should announce in the last quarter, are already circulating on the Internet. And the latest gives us an idea of ​​the design this smartphone could have.

The above report was published by the pitgou.com blog and then shared by our colleagues at Android Central. As you can see, this “leak” indicates that Google Pixel 5 has a very familiar visual language. We also notice that the device has a borderless screen with a hole for the front camera. This suggests that Google may be abandoning the Soli project’s radar on Pixel 4. As a reminder: It is a kind of motion sensor with which the user can control his smartphone without touching it. The problem is that this technology is not compatible with borderless design. And it is quite possible that Google has not received enough feedback on this function.

We also note that these images indicate that the Pixel 5 has a fingerprint sensor on the back, while many smartphones these days use fingerprint scanners built into the screen on the front. And of course there would be at least two cameras.

But of course, all of this information should be viewed with extreme caution as it is not from an official source. In addition, the source of this “leak” is not particularly important.

Google Pixel: a change of strategy?

However, it should be noted that most rumors about this smartphone from Google indicate for a while that it could be very modest in terms of hardware. This would enable Google to offer the Pixel 5 at a reasonable price and at the same time to compensate for any defects on the hardware side through software optimization.

For example, while most of 2020’s flagships (such as the OnePlus 8 or Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro) use Qualcomm’s Snpdragon 865 processor, the Pixel 5 would use a less efficient but less expensive processor: the Snapdragon 765G.