Top 10 Apple iPhone 5 Cases April 28, 2021 – Posted in: Smartphone news

The iPhone 5 was just revealed, pre-orders for the release day sold out in an hour, and there are sure to be huge crowds of people to camp out at their local Apple store to be some of the first with it in their hands, but how will they protect their new technological investment? Yes there is major design change to an aluminum backing to replace that very delicate glass of the older generations, however carelessness knows no bounds and a case is a must for a some. These are the best iPhone 5 cases you will find on the market with this device so close to seeing the public eye.

10. Bear Motion (TM) Premium Flip Folio Case For iPhone 5

This is a simplistic case for a simplistic iPhone fanboy who had to have the latest innovative product. Made of a premium PU leather material and attached by a adhesive silicon pad that leaves no part once the phone is removed. It has a classy style to it and protects the front screen very nicely.


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9. Pop! Case with Stand For iPhone 5

This is an ultra-thin protective case with a lot of flare; it comes in a variety of colors to match your various styles. The built in stand is a nice touch for those who enjoy hands-free media viewing, and the mix of hard plastic and impact-resistant liner keeps your iPhone 5 super snug.


8. Piel Frama Black Magnetic Leather Case For iPhone 5

This case is perfect for the business person with the an eye for mobile electronics, made out of fine leather inside and out. The optional swivel belt clip is great for easy access on the go and the magnetic close keeps the flap shut while you travel from board meeting after board meeting. The case holds 2 credit cards and has a pocket for money along with your Apple smartphone.

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7. Drop Tech Series For iPhone 5

A rugged smartphone user needs a rugged looking smartphone case like this one. It has multiple layers of protection including a screen cover and sealed ports; the reinforced rubber corners makes sure your iDevice bounces and stays intact at the same time.


6. iPhone 5 Commuter Series Case For iPhone 5

This is one of the slimmest protective cases you can find on the market. Otter Box has a supreme reputation of being tough around your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about being tough on it. The screen protector and double layer of protection makes it a fantastic deal for style and protection.



5. CaseMate Bubbles Case For iPhone 5

This may not be the toughest case out there but it one of the most fun you will find. CaseMate has a good variety of characters like Bubbles the monkey, including the Peacock, Xing the panda, and Waddler the penguin. It is a flat, silicon design with a unique attachment for each case to make every one of your friends jealous.


CaseMate online store


4. iLuv Diary Case For iPhone 5

This is another wallet-style case with a horizontal folio flap; it holds two credit cards and your iPhone in a polycarbonate shell surrounded by fine leather for 360 degrees of protection. At such a low price, it will be great for cash and mobile technology all in the same place.



3. iPhone 5 Defender Series With Realtree Camo

Otter Box is legendary in case protection and it all started with the defender series. With all ports sealed and screen double layered, your iPhone 5 will be nearly indestructible. The camo coloring will make it ideal for live-tweeting your latest hunting trip or hiding from the teacher in history class; unfortunately, it is not completely waterproof.


Otter Box website

2. iLuv iPhone 5 Camera Case

The branding describes it all for this case, and it is by far one of the most unique and innovative designs to pair with the iPhone 5. It gives your new smartphone the look of a compact DSLR wrapped in brown or black. The lens-looking pocket actually has a netted pouch for your new EarPods so you will never go anywhere without them.


1. TakTik Case For iPhone 5

Lunatik has come a long way from funding their first industrial-style case on Kickstarter; it a little assemble is definitely required but the results are worth it. It is the closest to indestructible your iPhone 5 will ever get, and worth every penny for it.