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Scale your voice services, without breaking the bank

GLOBAL WIRELESS  SIP Trunking makes it easy to connect an existing PBX system or an analog/digital telephone adapter in a few simple steps. Our customers can scale up or down with unlimited call capacity, while only paying for the minutes that are used


Inbound and outbound voice capabilities

Always have a clear, reliable, and high-quality connection with GLOBAL WIRELESS cloud-optimized communications services.

Inbound SIP trunking / origination

GLOBAL WIRELESS  inbound SIP trunking provides unlimited concurrent call capacity. With no limitations or restrictions, you can say goodbye to capacity planning. As your volume increases, new instances are dynamically created to help you scale your voice services.

Outbound SIP trunking / termination

GLOBAL WIRELESS outbound call audio over the shortest path possible to increase call quality and lower call costs locally and internationally.


Purchase local and toll-free numbers in US and Canada

Have an existing phone number? Discover what makes GLOBAL WIRELESS truly unique by way of its in-house porting team and proprietary customer onboarding process.

Local phone numbers

Select local telephone numbers by area code in any location across 112 countries.

Toll-free phone numbers

Large selection of toll-free inbound numbers in 146 countries across the globe.

Port existing phone numbers

GLOBAL WIRELESS  has made customer onboarding more predictable and transparent by reducing the complexities that surround the porting process.


Your security is our top priority

GLOBAL WIRELESS  provides account level protection to mitigate your risk of toll fraud and to further secure your business.

Disable outbound SIP credentials

Enable IP-based authentication to place outbound calls from approved IPs

Maximum outbound rate

Block any outbound call if it exceeds a rate you have predefined in your online portal.

Destination restriction

Unusual activity spikes to unfamiliar destinations, provides an alert and suspect destinations are blocked until adequate validation is given.

Destination whitelisting

Just starting out with GLOBAL WIRELESS? Utilize destination whitelisting so we can learn your traffic patterns to proactively fend off potential fraud in the future

International toll fraud protection

Monitor for international call fraud and take immediate action to kill unauthorized calls on your trunk and alert both you and GLOBAL WIRELESS  DevOps team of suspicious activity.


Improve your voice capabilities with custom account presets

GLOBAL WIRELESS offers extended account functionality to enhance your voice services.


Easily enable Caller ID on all of your GLOBAL WIRELESS DIDs. Our Caller-ID name storage is a free service that allows you to associate a 15 character name with any GLOBAL WIRELESS  phone number on your account. It’s a proven fact, calls that display a name, as well as a number, receive significantly higher answer rates.


Emergencies happen, and that is why with GLOBAL WIRELESS Enhanced 911 (E911) service, you can easily attach a US or Canadian address to any GLOBAL WIRELESS number, making sure emergency services knows where to send help as soon as your call comes in.

  • The largest E911 coverage in the US and Canada
  • Eliminate dedicated 911 trunks
  • Replace regional PS-ALI accounts
  • No more managing emergency locations
  • Identification numbers


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