Processor provider Kirin mocks the loss of Huawei customers July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

The standoff between the United States and China has been going on for several months. When we talk about these facts, we often think of Huawei immediately. However, if the Chinese manufacturer is severely affected by this embargo, so are many others. For example, all companies that supply products or services to Huawei can no longer rely on the manufacturer in their customer list.

One of the hardest hit is undoubtedly TSMC, the largest independent semiconductor foundry. However, TSMC doesn’t seem to be particularly concerned about the loss of Huawei. It has to be said that the foundry has a clientele that is supplied via Apple, Broadcom or Qualcomm. Once you are aware of this, HiSilicon, the Huawei subsidiary responsible for manufacturing Kirin processors, is just one detail on this list.

As the name suggests, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is not based in China. However, US regulations could somehow interfere with TSMC and HiSilicon’s projects. However, Mark Liu, President of TSMC, does not appear to be very concerned and affirms that the losses associated with HiSilicon can be largely offset. Without specifying how long it will take for him to recover, Mr. Liu is rather optimistic. If it is just a detail for TSMC, other companies that are much less consistent could suffer severe losses or even disappear if they lose a customer like Huawei. This American decision will not import the desired goals. Huawei will always find a solution and TSMC has many other customers to rely on. The only ones that will suffer in history are small independent providers.

We are now learning that Huawei not only dominates the smartphone market, but also takes second place in networked watches. As a result, the Chinese manufacturer has overtaken Samsung, but lags far behind Apple.