Presentation on August 5 and marketing on August 21? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

The media has been talking about Samsung’s next high-end smartphone, the Galaxy Note 20 and its variants, for some time now. Usually these devices should be launched in August. And in an article released this week, the Sammobile site offers new details. According to him, the Galaxy Note 20 and its variants will be presented during an online event in New York on August 5. Pre-orders should be available immediately after this presentation, then smartphones will be launched on August 21. But at the moment, of course, this information should still be handled with caution as it comes from unofficial sources. In addition, another source, Max Weinbach, appears to be suggesting that Samsung could also give a presentation on July 27 (however, it does not specify that the Galaxy Note 20 and its variants should be introduced).

Otherwise, we will also find that a lot of other unofficial information about the properties of the next Samsung Galaxy Note is already available on the Internet. And recently we also mentioned leaked renderings on the Samsung website that could represent the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

New foldable smartphones should also arrive

In addition to the new Galaxy Note, Samsung could also use the next event to lift the veil of new foldable smartphones. The media raise the possibility that the manufacturer will introduce the successor to the Galaxy Fold, whose name could be Galaxy Fold 2 or “Galaxy Z Flold 2”. A 5G and more efficient version of the Galaxy Z Flip, which was launched earlier this year, would also be in preparation. And Samsung would also develop a cheaper foldable smartphone, the name of which could be Galaxy Fold Lite or Galaxy Fold e. However, there is a good chance that the manufacturer will postpone the presentation of the latter to a later event.

Unfortunately, given the economic situation, it is possible that people may opt less for premium devices that can be overpriced and prefer cheaper models. In this area, Samsung also offers interesting devices such as the Galaxy A51 or even Galaxy M smartphones with very high autonomy.