Pixel 4a has leaked on the Google website. Upcoming start? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

The Pixel 3a was presented by Google at its I / O conference in 2019. Given that the 2020 edition of this event was canceled due to the pandemic, we still don’t know when Google could launch the Pixel 4a. In any case, while you are waiting for this presentation, there are already numerous leaks and rumors about this device on the Internet.

And the latest leak has been released … by Google. According to the Android Police and 9to5Google websites, Google apparently accidentally posted a rendering of the Pixel 4a on the Google Store website. The picture was displayed in a place that is normally used for Nest Wifi. It is very likely that a website manager mixed up links or files, which led to this accidental publication.

First, this leak might make us believe that Google’s launch of the Pixel 4a is imminent, even though many sources point out that the company won’t be able to launch its new mid-range smartphone until August. In addition, the rendering also confirms certain information that has been published by unofficial sources.

Google’s middle class?

Obviously the Pixel 4a will have a plastic shell, there will be a headphone jack. The screen is borderless and the front camera is drilled into a hole on this screen. There would only be a camera on the back. The fingerprint scanner is not built into the screen, but placed on the back.

A priori, Google does not equip the Pixel 4a with its solo radar (on the Pixel 4, you can control the smartphone with this component without touching the screen). And the device will have nothing really extraordinary in terms of hardware compared to other mid-range smartphones. Rumor has it that the Pixel 4a would have a Snapdragon 730 processor.

But of course it is better not to form a final opinion about this device before the official presentation. Google was able to compensate for hardware defects in its devices at any time by using the software. It is also possible that Mountain View has changed its strategy and wants to offer cheaper smartphones compared to its predecessors.