Our selection of the best smartphone supports – May 2020 July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Comparative updated on May 27, 2020. Our recommendations do not evolve this month and all the models presented below are still available.

This selection will be updated according to new releases and the price evolution of current media.

During this period of progressive deconfinement, you may be chaining videoconferences with your colleagues and / or video calls with your loved ones via one of the many video chat applications available. To enjoy it while continuing your activity, you can buy Anker’s PowerWave Stand, which will also allow you to charge your smartphone if it supports wireless charging. The iPhones from the iPhone 8 benefit from a charging power of 7.5W, the Samsung Galaxy from the S7 from a power of 10W and the other compatible phones from a power of 5W.

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2. Autfit Lazy, the best neck support for watching videos

It’s difficult not to block the speakers of your smartphone when you watch a video without headphones on Disney +, Netflix or YouTube. Beyond that, the need to free your hands is very quickly felt. To remedy these problems, we advise you to opt for a neck support and more particularly that of Autfit which is compatible with screens from 4 to 7.5 inches.

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3. Lonzoth offers the best swan neck support for free cooking or sports

Many people have discovered culinary talents during these few months of confinement, but following a recipe while holding your smartphone is not the best solution to succeed. You will face the same problem when you want to take an online sports class to keep yourself online. With its 90 cm arm, the Lonzoth swan neck support will allow you to view the contents of your phone hands-free and it will be less exposed to splashes and clumsy gestures.

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4. The best car holder is Omoton

All Qi compatible smartphones can be recharged on the Omoton support. Samsung phones will enjoy 10W of charging power, iPhones of 7.5W and all other models will have 5W of power. It attaches directly to your ventilation grille or just above it with a fixed adhesive support and can rotate 360 ​​°.

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5. The best bike and motorcycle stand is an Enoneo

When you are on a bicycle or motorbike, your smartphone is exposed to the weather and can be a victim if it is not waterproof. Compatible with phones up to 6.8 inches in size, the Enoneo holder includes a cover that will protect your smartphone from rain, snow, sand or even dust. You can of course continue to navigate on its screen and you will be able to connect a headset or wireless headphones. Also note that this cover includes a storage space.

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