No charger for the iPhone 12? The rumor gets clearer July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

In a few weeks, Apple will finally present its next high-end models, the iPhone 12. There are already many rumors circulating on these devices. Typically, it will be the first iPhone 5G since Apple negotiated with Qualcomm to end the battle between the two companies, so Cupertino could use it to get 5G modems providers. And recently, a rumor spread around the internet said that for the first time, Apple would not include wired headphones or chargers in the packaging of its next iPhone. Why ? This would allow Apple to cut the cost of its next iPhone, which could be reflected in the prices of these devices.

And today this rumor is taking shape. As reported on the 9to5Mac website, Cupertino sent a survey to iPhone users asking how they used their old iPhone’s chargers (sold, lost, given to someone who is still in use). Etc.). The survey would also clarify that this survey relates to the charging box, not the lighting cable.

Selling an iPhone without a case? Not a bad idea if customers can use their old boxes

This survey could suggest that Apple is actually investigating the idea of ​​not putting a charging case in the iPhone 12’s packaging. But at the moment, of course, this is just a rumor to be dealt with extremely carefully. In any case, it is certain that Apple is now realizing that its customers are increasingly considering the price when buying a new iPhone. Usually the cheapest iPhone is the most popular. In the first half of the year, Apple also launched the iPhone SE 2020, a compact and affordable model that uses the same high-end processor as the iPhone 11.

It should also be noted that another rumor on the internet is that Apple could launch a 4G version of the iPhone 12 that will be very competitive ($ 549 in the US). This model could be very interesting for people who live in areas where 5G is not available anyway.