Motorola launches One Fusion +, a $ 299 smartphone July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

One year after the release of the One Hyper, Motorola has just announced on the Internet the upcoming launch of a new mid-range model, the One Fusion +. The smartphone is characterized by a “pop-up” of the front camera, an innovation that we could find in the Honor 9X, among others. Motorola has also converted several elements of the One Hyper in this new model. Starting with the screen, the manufacturer has retained that of the One Hyper with a 6.5-inch LCD screen that offers Full HD resolution.

A pop-up camera and 4 devices on the back

As explained above, there is no bubble or notch in this model that the “Popup” camera system takes from its predecessor. The One Fusion + has a 16 MP sensor compared to 32 on the One Hyper. There are 4 devices on the back of the phone, twice as much as the previous model. The most impressive is the main sensor equipped with 64 Mpx, just like the predecessor, just like the wide angle of 8 Mpx. In addition to these two known sensors, two new ones are added, the first of 5 Mpx is dedicated to the macro, the second of 2 Mpx is responsible for managing the depth.

Developments inside

In addition to these two additional devices, the One Fusion + comes with a 5000 mAh battery, which is 1000 more than the One Hyper. Unfortunately, the fast charging system had to be abandoned at 27W. According to the manufacturer, this is permissible “10 hours of autonomy for 10 minutes of charging”. The One Fusion +, on the other hand, only has a fast charge of 15W. Wireless charging is also not available on this new model.

On the processor side, the One Fusion + has a Snapdragon 730, which can also be found in other models such as the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The new child from Moto also arrives with 6 GB RAM, against 4 on the One Hyper. Motorola offers 128 GB of storage space for this new model.

The brand remains true to its unlock mode and holds its fingerprint scanner on the back of the smartphone. Small features become almost exotic, the Lenovo subsidiary decided to keep the jack, but has now disappeared from most smartphones.

The One Fusion + is still very close to the One Hyper and still remains very correct. Available in three colors, it was announced in Europe at the end of the month at a price of $ 299. Enough to take a place in the already well-equipped universe of mid-range smartphones. It is in direct competition with excellent models under 300 euros.