iPhone 13 to get feature top Samsung phones have had for years – rumour | Trusted Reviews July 17, 2021 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Apple is reportedly considering a reverse wireless charging feature for the iPhone 13 handset, according to a new rumour.

A prominent leaker believes Apple is planning to fit the next-gen iPhone with a larger wireless charging coil that could boost MagSafe and wireless charging wattage. Reverse charging would definitely be a bonus though.

While Samsung has offered reverse wireless charging functionality under the Wireless Powershare banner for quite some time, Apple’s iPhone has lagged behind in this regard.

Should Apple decide to integrate the handy feature, iPhone users may be to replenish their AirPods wireless charging case by placing it on the back of an iPhone.

It may also be possible for fellow iPhone owners to lend each other a little juice should one of them be running low, by placing the devices back to back, as Galaxy owners have been able to do since 2019.

For many iPhone users, the prospect of faster wireless charging to match some Android rivals would take precedence. Larger charging coils would mean better heat management, meaning the speeds could be pushed up to greater wattage.

The instigator of the rumour, Max Weinbach, believes the coils could also be used to create a stronger magnetic connection to Apple’s MagSafe accessories.

Currently, it’s only possible to charge the iPhone 12 at a maximum of 15W and even that requires Apple’s 20W power adapter to reach the top speeds. Should Apple boost this, it’ll help to reel in the the likes of OnePlus, which offer mind-blowing 50W wireless charging speeds on the OnePlus 9 Pro.

Today’s rumour comes via EveryThingApple Pro and, while Weinbach has been accurate in the past, it’s worth taking this with a pinch of salt for the time being.

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