iOS 14 warns you if you use a risky password July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

In June, Apple introduced new features in its ecosystem during an online version of the WWDC conference. And of course iOS 14 was one of the most important innovations announced at this conference. As mentioned in a previous article, the new version of the Apple operating system includes a number of improvements, including a redesign of the home screen that we use to access applications and much more customization for widgets.

And for those concerned about protecting their personal information, iOS 14 also includes a new feature that can warn the user if they use a password that poses a risk. This new feature is explained in an article published a few days ago on the 9to5Mac website.

Essentially, this new feature is linked to the iCloud keychain, which allows you to save and save passwords. You can access it on iOS by going to Settings and then the section on Passwords. And as 9to5Mac explains, there is a new menu under iOS 14 in which “security recommendations” are displayed. These recommendations can prompt you to replace a password if it’s easy to guess because it’s too simple. However, the functionality also warns you if it is possible that your password may be affected by a data breach.

Goal: Protect your passwords

This functionality is important for the protection of online accounts. And currently many players are already offering similar services. For example, Google Chrome displays warnings when you enter a password that is affected by a data breach. “When you enter your credentials on a website, Chrome will now notify you if your username and password have been compromised during a data breach on a website or application. It will suggest that you change them wherever they are used.”, AbdelKarim Mardini, Senior Product Manager, explained in 2019. Mozilla also has an equivalent of this functionality in its Lockwise app.

However, if you’re using the Apple ecosystem, a feature built into iOS is much more convenient. Otherwise, as a reminder, Apple also offers a sign-in system that allows you to use your Apple account to connect to third-party applications (instead of using Facebook or Google sign-in).