Huawei wants to offer a 5G smartphone at a “reasonable” price this year July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Huawei wants to offer a 5G smartphone at a "reasonable" price this year

In an interview with the Financial Times, Peter Zhou, the general director of marketing at Huawei confirms the intention of the Chinese company to launch this year a 5G smartphone at a “reasonable” price of 600 dollars. The idea is not to give a gift to the consumer, but to take the lead and cut the grass under the foot of the competition, in particular from Samsung which offers its Galaxy S10 5G at more than 1,000 euros in Korea. South. Remember that Apple should not offer iPhone 5G before the end of 2020. The American firm has just signed a contract to supply 5G chips with Qualcomm.

He also specifies that prices should drop rapidly from 2020: “As of next year some say that we could see smartphones equipped with 5G at 300 dollars and I think that is entirely possible”. An optimistic announcement, remember that 5G networks are not yet available, and that they will be very few in 2020.

Huawei seeks to consolidate its legitimacy and make people forget the controversy surrounding its technology and possible links with the Chinese government. 5G is rightly considered to be an essential technology, it will make it possible to accelerate and multiply exchanges between terminals. It is a central issue for businesses, but also for governments.

Source: businessinsider