How Apple makes iPhone repairs easier in Europe July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

In the United States, it is easier today to find a location where you can get your iPhone repaired while ensuring that the repair is done according to the rules of technology. In fact, Cupertino launched an independent repair provider program in 2019 that provides independent repairers with the same parts, tools, and training as authorized repairers. Since the start of this program, 140 independent repair shops of various sizes have registered across the Atlantic. And they offer their services at 700 different locations.

The good news is that Apple will also be offering this program in 32 European countries this week. “We are excited to expand our independent repair program to additional locations in the United States and to companies in Europe and Canada.”said Jeff Williams, Apple’s manager. “When a customer needs a repair, we want them to have a number of options that not only meet their needs, but also ensure safety and quality so that their iPhone can be used as long as possible. “”

A program that makes repairs easier and helps Apple improve its reputation

From now on, repair shops in Europe can register for this program to offer their services with the same tools and spare parts as approved companies. There are no fees and the training is free. This should allow Apple product users to access reliable repair services in multiple places.

In addition, this program should also improve Apple’s reputation, which is sometimes suspected of wanting to maintain a repair monopoly. In August 2019, we mentioned in an article a function of the iPhone that is no longer available if the battery of a device has been replaced by a non-original part. The iOS operating system can also notify you if a repair shop has not used the famous original parts to replace your screen. Independent repair shops can now access these parts and the appropriate training.

Otherwise, we will also find that Apple indicated in 2019 that it would not make a profit by repairing its products.