HONOR Magic-Link 2: smartphone and PC have never communicated so well July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

HONOR Magic-Link 2: smartphone and PC have never communicated so well

Between PCs and smartphones, there are sometimes walls that are difficult to cross to make them communicate. Data synchronization is the perfect example. Our devices are always connected to the same wireless networks and yet cannot be synchronized without installing a third-party application or using a USB cable. And the worst part is that once connected, these two devices communicate at least. Most of the time, it’s up to us to choose the data we want to find on each of our devices. The other solution that has emerged in recent years for lack of a better solution is to go through the cloud and have our personal data pass thousands of kilometers away from where we are while our smartphone and PC are a few centimeters away. each other in the same room as us.

Control your smartphone with your mouse

A newcomer to the PC market with its range of MagicBook ultraportables, HONOR has decided to put an end to this absurd and ridiculous situation, the result of years of rivalry between the micro-computing and telephone giants. Computers finally designed to communicate intelligently with smartphones, this is the promise of the new champion of mobility. For this, HONOR has designed Magic-Link 2, an application that automatically connects your new MagicBook to your HONOR smartphone as soon as they are nearby.

Honor View 20 synchronized with Honor MagicBook 14

With Magic-Link 2, you can instantly transfer images, videos, and other documents between these two devices. The screen of your smartphone is displayed on that of your PC and, using the mouse and the keyboard, you edit its files remotely, whether images or texts. A service that is also useful for watching a video or a game on the big screen of your MagicBook (14 or 15 inches, see our previous article). Demonstration.

PC Manager, the brain of synchronization

To make your new MagicBook communicate with your HONOR smartphone, you must first make sure that your phone has a recent version of the operating system EMUI (minimum EMUI 10 or Magic UI 3.0). So perform all the system updates available for your smartphone before going any further (Settings -> System & updates -> Software update -> Check for updates).

Then open the app PC Manager MagicBook by double-clicking on the shortcut on the Desktop Windows 10. You can also access it via the notification area of ​​the taskbar (bottom right of the screen) by right-clicking the touchpad on the M-shaped icon to the right of the time and date. dated. In the context menu that appears, click on Activate PC Manager. The software must be at least version and the computer must be up to date with the drivers. To check the version of PC Manager, click on the icon with the three horizontal lines at the top right of the window. A mini menu appears, click on About. The software version is then displayed. Yes PC Manager is not up to date, start an update immediately using the previous context menu (Check for updates).

Honor Magic-Link 2 tap on MagicBook 14

After you are sure to have the latest version of the software, click on Pilot management, function located in the left column of the interface. Click on Check to initiate a review of the PC drivers. If the message “All drivers are up to date” appears on the screen, all you have to do is check that Bluetooth is activated (and Wi-Fi, if you have been connected to the Internet via an Ethernet adapter). Be careful not to close the software PC Manager and keep your window in the foreground. If your MagicBook has detected outdated drivers, update and restart Windows before continuing.

A clever mix of Bluetooth and NFC

Then take your HONOR smartphone and check that NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are activated. So you’re ready to sync your devices. Enter your mobile, in our case a View 20 under Magic UI 3.0, then with the top of the phone, flip the HONOR Magic-Link sticker located at the bottom right of the PC keyboard (NFC detection area). A vibration is felt in the smartphone and a message appears on the screen inviting you to connect to the MagicBook. Accept by clicking on To log in. On the PC, the software PC Manager asks for permission to share your data between your two devices. You have ten seconds to click on To allow. Simple and efficient.

Honor Magic Link 2 synchronization

If the first connection between the two devices refuses to be made, don’t worry. Install yourself in a room where there are fewer wireless devices (Bluetooth accessories in particular) and go to Windows 10 Bluetooth Settings (Start menu -> Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth and other devices) to check the option Show notifications to connect using Quick Pair. Then restart synchronization.

A vertical window opens on the right of the PC where the screen of your HONOR smartphone is displayed. With the touchpad of your MagicBook, you can interact with your smartphone as if you were using your index finger on the device. You can then navigate in the interface of your smartphone, view its contents or even enter texts via the application Notepad or any other word processor installed. You can also launch a video from the smartphone in full screen on your MagicBook. Awesome.

Drag and drop with Honor Magic Link 2

Drag and drop is just as simple. Open the app Gallery or Files from your smartphone from the MagicBook and select one or more files from the PC. Hold down the left touchpad button and move the selected documents to your PC desktop or directly to the desired software (presentation Power point, document Word, etc.). The same thing works the other way. Choose, for example, a photo stored in your computer, drag it directly into the app Gallery or Files and there it is in your smartphone! It’s hard to make it simpler.

The HONOR MagicBook 14 and 15 ultraportables are available for sale at a single price of 599 euros. And good news: until April 28, Honor is offering a MagicWatch 2 (46 mm) connected watch worth 200 euros for any purchase of a MagicBook 14 on the HiHonor site. Boulanger, for its part, offers a refund offer of 100 euros on the MagicBook 14 valid until May 31 (and cannot be combined with the previous one). So if you already have a HONOR smartphone and the function Magic-Link 2 caught your eye, you know what to do!