Gorgeous iPhone 4 reboot video puts the Apple iPhone SE firmly in the shade | T3 April 19, 2021 – Posted in: Smartphone news

When the Apple iPhone SE (2020) was launched last year it rapidly became one of the best phones on the market, offering a classic iPhone 4 design with upgraded internals for an affordable price point.

Many Apple iPhone users still state to this day that the design of Apple iPhone they prefer most is the iPhone 4, and it is clear that Apple thought the same way, too, with its reboot of a phone that technically had a decade-old design. The size, look and feel of the iPhone 4 was something people wanted, and it showed in terms of sales.

But the iPhone SE has just been firmly put in the shade. Say hello to the iPhone 4 Classic, a thinner version of the iPhone 4 with upgraded internals and, most importantly, a completely uninterrupted edge-to-edge display. Check it out in the video below:

The iPhone 4 Classic is the brainchild of future tech designer Concept Creator, who produced a device with the same measurements of the original iPhone 4 (aside from it being a little thinner), and the same design, but did so while removing the Home button and notch from the bottom front of the device. This, in partnership with the removal of the original phone’s large bezels, left a device that offered a true full-screen experience.

In terms of extra technology, the iPhone 4 Classic comes with an under-screen fingerprint reader, single rear camera, a Lightning port, headphone jack and, unseen, upgraded internal hardware. The phone does not come with FaceID, though, and instead opts for Touch ID instead.

Here at T3 we think that this design is gorgeous, and are now just hoping that someone at Apple is paying attention or already hard at work making something just like it. The desire for smaller-sized phones is increasing right now, as too cheaper phones that offer great all-round experiences but at far from flagship prices. You only have to look at T3’s best small phones and best cheap phones buying guides to see that.

So the idea of getting this experience but with a classic iPhone design really appeals to us, as we’re sure it would for the countless people who bought the iPhone SE (2020). Here’s hoping we see the phone released soon, maybe even in 2022 which is the date that Apple is rumored to be finally abandoning the notch on its phones.

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