Google stops marketing Pixel 3a. Pixel 4a imminent launch? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

This year, due to the pandemic, Google was unable to host its major Google I / O developer conference. During this event, the Mountain View company had to logically introduce the successor to the Pixel 3a, which was presented in the 2019 edition. We currently don’t know when Google could present this smartphone. However, a new note suggests that this presentation is imminent.

As reported in an article published on The Verge website, Google has stopped marketing the Pixel 3a. This was even confirmed by a representative of Mountain View, who said that the company sold its inventory and stopped selling the Pixel 3a. “For people who still want to buy the Pixel 3A, the product is available from certain partners until supplies last.”said the Google representative.

And for some media, the end of Pixel 3a sales could suggest that the launch of the successor may be imminent. In addition, as mentioned in a previous article, Google announced an online event on July 8th. This event is dedicated to Google Assistant, connected speakers, and the company’s home automation products. However, it is still possible for Google to take this opportunity to introduce a new smartphone.

A middle class that will compete with the iPhone SE 2020 and the OnePlus Nord?

In any case, it’s hard to see that Google won’t be launching a mid-range smartphone this year, as this category becomes more and more important. In the first half of the year, Apple launched the iPhone SE 2020, a compact and affordable iPhone with one big advantage: the device uses the same high-end processor as the iPhone 11.

OnePlus is preparing to launch OnePlus North. With the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro, the brand has upgraded, which means that their devices are now more expensive. And to satisfy those who are looking for affordable devices but have good technical data, the brand will launch the North, which costs less than 500 euros.