Good tip: Wiko offers you 4 months of subscription to Youtube Music Premium July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Outside, you can experience the earphones riveted to your ears and, at home, the speakers are permanently on. Can’t you skip music? To enjoy all your favorite hits and much more – and all for free and without any ad clipping, please – it’s time to try YouTube Music Premium for free. How? ‘Or’ What ? You just need to have a Wiko mobile (equipped with Android 7 or higher, excluding Go edition) and connect to this page from your smartphone before December 2, 2020. The famous French manufacturer of smartphones offers you 4 months subscription to YouTube’s music streaming service. At the end of the trial period, you will be automatically billed at the standard subscription price of 9.99 euros per month (4.99 euros for students, and a family rate of 14.99 euros with up to five account creations). And at any time, you can cancel your subscription before the end of the trial period.

Music without any advertising cut!

As a reminder, YouTube Music Premium is the music streaming application launched by YouTube in 2018. The application allows you to listen to millions of audio tracks on your PC or smartphone. And this, of course, without any advertising spot. On the program therefore, all the songs already on YouTube such as music videos, but also exclusive content such as remixes, lives, covers … which are not found on other platforms.

Of course, you can download your songs for offline listening and background playback – even with the phone locked! – is now part of it. But where YouTube innovates, it is with the function which makes it possible to switch without interruption from the audio version of a song to the video clip! Conversely, for small plans or slightly slow or congested connections, it is possible on the mobile version to choose the video quality or to completely deactivate the image to keep only the audio.

Simplified interface and bodybuilder search engine

The interface of YouTube Music Premium is organized around three apparent tabs: the Home page which distills a concentrate of YouTube suggestions classified by categories and according to our listening habits, Hotlist who compiles the titles New Arrivals and Trends, and finally the Library “Loved” songs / artists and personal playlists. Finally, the power of the search engine is simply stunning: just grab – or sing! – the lyrics of a song to find the title.

YouTube Music Premium tempts you? What if your next smartphone was a Wiko? Visit this page to discover the entire Wiko range and compare the models marketed by the brand. You will surely find there the model of your dreams and, above all, the means to test free for four months the music service of YouTube.