Galaxy Z Flip: 8 features to boost its use July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a brand new Galaxy Z Flip, you can explore many amazing features, like the tiny 1.1-inch exterior screen or Flex mode. But there are some Android 10 settings that you can modify to optimize its operation and in particular for better use with one hand.

The Galaxy Z Flip begs to be used with one hand. And while the OneUI 2 interface makes it easier to interact with buttons and windows, reaching the top of the screen for notifications can still be painful. Fortunately, an Android setting allows you to transform the fingerprint reader located on the side of the phone into a scroll wheel to bring down the notifications drawer.

When your phone is open, slide your finger from the top of the fingerprint sensor down to lower the notifications drawer. Make the same movement a second time to bring up the control panel. Slide your finger up on the sensor to close the panel and the drawer.

When the Z Flip is closed, you can press the power button twice to open the outdoor camera. The tiny 1.1 inch screen displays a live preview. To take a photo, press the volume button or raise your palm towards the camera to start a countdown.

Master the tiny outdoor screen

Besides the fact that it allows you to take selfies when the phone is closed, the small external screen has a few other uses. Press the power button to view the date, time and battery status. Slide your finger on the screen to view notifications. Tap one of the icons to see a brief part of the notification. If your phone is charging, the screen displays the percentage of the battery and gives you an estimate of the time it takes for your phone to be fully charged.

Tame Flex Mode

The hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip is rigid enough to remain open in any position. Samsung has optimized a few apps to take advantage of the screen when the phone is about halfway open. For example, when you open the YouTube app in Flex mode, your video plays on the top half of the screen, while comments appear on the bottom.

Here are other ways to use Flex mode:

  • Make video calls with Google Duo
  • In the Gallery app, scroll through the photos on the bottom half of the screen, like a trackpad
  • Take a selfie without hands
  • Use it as a tripod to take photos or videos

Use the split screen

The large 6.7-inch screen, in 21: 9 format, is perfect for enjoying applications in split screen mode.

  • Go to the home screen to access the recent applications display or press the recent applications button in the navigation bar
  • Choose the application you want to appear at the top of the screen and press and hold the application icon
  • After a while, a menu will appear. Tap Open in split screen view
  • Then choose the second application you want to appear at the bottom

Optimize control with one hand

It is easier to use the phone with one hand by choosing gesture navigation.

To activate gestures:

  • Go to Settings> Display.
  • Select Navigation bar.
  • Choose Gestures in full screen.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to go to the home page. Slide the screen up and hold it down to access recent apps. And swipe right or left of the screen to go back.

Free access to YouTube Premium

You may not have known, but the Galaxy Z Flip provides free access to YouTube Premium for four months.

To take advantage of the offer:

  • Open the YouTube app
  • Access your profile in the upper right corner
  • Select YouTube Premium
  • Press the “Try it for free” button

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