Folding smartphone: Apple would have developed a prototype July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Folding smartphone: Apple would have developed a prototype

For some, smartphones with a folding screen represent the future of mobility, they bring versatility and are the link between the computer and the classic smartphone. But as things stand, there is still room for improvement. In addition to the fragility of the screen, there is obviously the weakness surrounding the hinge and the lack of maturity of the operating systems which do not take advantage of this new format.

A technology not mature enough for Apple?

If Samsung and Huawei already offer devices commercially, Apple is still studying the issue. It must be said that the American firm is not the type to throw headlong into the fray. From time to time patents confirm that research is in progress, but the technology does not yet seem mature enough for Apple.

Lately, the blogger Jon Prosser mentioned the presence of a prototype with a double screen. The design would be similar to that of Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The question is whether Apple wants to bet on this format, or if it is only a platform to develop a real folding smartphone, like the Galaxy Fold. Difficult to answer these questions for the moment. Jon Prosser finally specifies that the device does not have a notch and that its chassis is similar to that of an iPhone 11.

Source: Jon Prosser