Finally a function to record calls? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

In June of this year, Apple will be unveiling its ecosystem innovations at the WWDC conference (this will be fully online due to the pandemic). And the most anticipated innovations are those from iOS. In fact, Apple should use this event to launch iOS 14 beta.

There are already many rumors circulating on the Internet about the new functions that Cupertino could integrate into this version of its mobile operating system. Among the possible innovations mentioned by the media, there is a call recording feature that Apple could integrate with iOS 14.

A function to record calls?

As reported on the Cult of Mac website, this rumor was launched by IT Home and comes from a leaked version of iOS 14. The screenshot on the Internet shows that this call recording feature can be enabled in the operating system settings. Once this is done, all incoming and outgoing calls are logged by default. Since the laws regarding call recordings can differ in each country, a notice reminds the user that it is their responsibility to use this feature without becoming illegal (in some countries you have to warn the correspondent, in others it is registration simply prohibited).

But of course this information is not official at the moment. Therefore, it should still be viewed with extreme caution. In any case, it should be noted that rumors also indicate that Google could soon launch a call recording function on the Android operating system.

WWDC: iOS 14 and a good surprise

During WWDC, which starts on June 22nd, we’ll know which of the rumored features Apple will offer on iOS 14. In addition to this new function in its software, Cupertino could also use the event to discuss the switch from Intel chips to Apple chips based on arm technologies for Macs. Rumor has it that three chips will be developed, including one that is based on the A14 Bionic, the processor that will be used by the future iPhone 12.