Epic Games and Match Group join companies against “Apple Tax” July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

As Apple has chosen to focus more on services such as Apple Music, Apple TV + or Apple Arcade to diversify its revenue streams, the way Cupertino manages the App Store is being examined more closely. In fact, developers fear that the company will use its store (the only way to install apps on the iPhone) to promote its services to the detriment of competitors developed by third parties.

For example, as you may already know, Spotify has already filed a complaint with the European Commission against Apple, referring to the “Apple tax”. And recently, the Commission announced an investigation into the App Store and Apple Pay after Kobo, the subsidiary that specializes in Rakuten digital books, filed a cartel complaint in March.

And after this news, two major internet players, Epic Games and Match Group, responded. Reminder: Epic Games and the company that offers the Fortnite video game. The Match Group specializes in dating sites and applications. For example, he is the owner of Tinder.

New big players against Apple’s policies

“Apple is a partner, but also a dominant platform, the actions of which are forcing the vast majority of consumers to pay more for third-party applications, which Apple arbitrarily defines as” digital services. “said a Match Group spokesman, quoted by The Verge.

On Twitter, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, responded to the announcement of investigations by the European Commission. While Apple talks about fair treatment, Sweeney explains that Apple should allow developers to process user payments directly (therefore without using Apple’s services and without paying the 30% “tax” levied on them) Cupertino) or Apple should allow iOS users to install applications without going through the app store, as is the case with Android. The Epic boss also points out that Apple has implemented special treatments for certain categories of applications.

Apple is currently accepting part of the payments from Epic players who purchase virtual goods through Apple’s payment system. And Match also has to pay this famous “Apple tax” when its users buy premium services for dating apps.

Apple has already responded to the European Commission’s decision. “It is disappointing that the European Commission is making unfounded complaints from a handful of companies that just want a free trip and don’t want to follow the same rules as everyone else.”an Apple spokesman said in a statement from The Verge. “We don’t think that’s fair – we want to create a level playing field where everyone who is determined and has a great idea can succeed.” “”

Other companies use tricks to prevent Apple from paying 30%. For example, Netflix no longer allows its users to register and pay for subscriptions in the iOS app. Payment is made via a browser tab.