Dazzling Luxury Apple iPhone 14 On Way, Report Claims – Forbes – WiredFocus August 18, 2021 – Posted in: Smartphone news

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max in stainless steel. Can we expect a titanium iPhone in a year or so?

Titanium iPhone 14 Pro, anyone?

The most interesting rumor yet about an upcoming iPhone is that the iPhone Pro could be built with a titanium alloy chassis, while others in the range will stick to aluminum or stainless-steel as now. The rumor comes in an investors report from JP Morgan Chase, seen by iPhoneWired.

Exciting, huh? But before you get carried away, you’re going to need to be patient. Because this is predicted to land in 2022. In other words it’s what we’re loosely calling the iPhone 14 at this point—though this name will change if this year’s model turns out to be called iPhone 12s, something I personally think is increasingly likely.

Titanium alloy is strong and can be three or four times the strength of stainless steel, which in turn means less is needed to deliver as much strength, leading potentially to a lighter iPhone.

The titanium chassis will be restricted to the Pro version of the iPhone, and perhaps not to every iPhone Pro, as the report says that there will continue to be 2022 iPhones with aluminum frames, like the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, but also stainless steel, the material in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Does this mean that we can expect a whole new version of the iPhone, then, a level above the iPhone Pro or will it be that the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be titanium? That would make a certain amount of sense given the biggest phone could benefit most from a lighter frame. We’ll see.

Apple is no stranger to working with titanium. The current Apple Watch Edition comes in two versions, titanium and space black titanium. Both are attractive, and, as I’ve commented before on Forbes, the only downside is the matte nature of the material means the priciest Apple Watch can look rather like the most affordable aluminum version, which might put off those concerned with letting everyone know they have spent big on their timepiece!

Apple also uses titanium in its Apple Card, also with a matte finish. But it seems Apple has a patent for something a bit shinier, more semi-gloss, which would be cool. The patent describes a process that combines blasting and etching with a chemical anodization process to create the finish. The first part hides flaws in the metal while the anodization offers greater protection.

We’re a long way off the release of the 2022 iPhone, but it’s an exciting prospect.

One More Thing

Readers of Dwight Silverman’s excellent Release Notes newsletter will know he includes a photo of his cats to show off smartphone photography capabilities. I’m eager to do the same and as I don’t have ready access to his pets, will choose photos of my dog.

A hot, dry day. So, how does a dog find the filthiest muddy puddle for miles?

I’ll be honest, though most of these photos are meant to define smartphone photography, this iPhone 12 Pro Max shot from earlier this week is simply to record a moment. Hence the decidedly average composition.

It had been a gorgeously hot, sunny few days in London (though interspersed with biblical-grade rainstorms. Taking my dog to the glorious Hampstead Heath was uneventful for the first hour or so. But the sight of a filthy muddy puddle was too much, and she got to it before I could stop her and waded out further than I could reach.

Her paws were blue with mud, and her mouth dripping. Afterwards, the wash took two sinks full of water to clean things off.

Had I had time, Portrait mode would have helped, but I might have missed the moment.