Because of this, the autonomy of your iPhone has suddenly decreased … July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

It is a fact that our valuable smartphones are not known for their autonomy, and it can even happen that some updates massacre a little more autonomy even in their infancy … So for a few days iPhone users have been saddened to note one Autonomy that seems to have suffered a major blow, the bug with iOS 13.5.

Apple Music would drain your iPhone battery

In fact, many people in the Apple forums (and elsewhere) complain about a battery that is struggling more than ever to hold a charge. According to various users, the problem is due to poor management of background applications. The issue would spare the latest iPhone, but it would affect the iPhone 7, 8, X, Xr, Xs, or iPhone SE from 2016.

Apple music Ariana Grande

Apple Music © Unsplash / Daniel Cañibano

According to MacRumorsis it a specific Apple Music that could also have the origin of this unwanted energy overuse. When the application is in the background (without being used), the iPhone battery often loses a lot of charge, not to mention certain terminals that tend to overheat.

A user of the Apple forum particularly stated that the Apple Music application, without being active, would have discharged no less than 53% of the iPhone’s battery within 24 hours. Some say that they solved the problem by resetting their iPhone. Others, a little less radical, confirm that simply deleting the Apple Music application and then reinstalling it (or not) is enough.

Nevertheless, Apple should soon offer a small solution to fix this new bug. We also remind you that to maximize the autonomy of your smartphone (iPhone or Android) it is important to manually configure the activity of the applications in the background, but also to carefully adjust the WLAN and Bluetooth parameters and even reduce them altogether if possible .