Apple provider suggests that the iPhone 12 (good) is late July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Apple uses the month of September each year to present its new iPhones on the occasion of its traditional keynote. After this presentation, the models are usually available in the coming days or weeks. However, the beginning of school program can be changed somewhat.

A ” The customer account of a large North American smartphone has been delayed in its development cycle “”

Broadcom, the provider of WiFi chips for the iPhone, has implicitly indicated that the iPhone 12 may be a quarter behind its usual release dates. The Hock Tan chief spoke on the subject during an announcement informing investors of a decline in expected earnings in the third quarter.

Hock Tan said that ” The customer account of a large North American smartphone has been delayed in its development cycle A reason that explains the coming decline. The Bloomberg agency said that Broadcom boss Apple mentions frequently in these terms, suggesting that it is actually the Apple-branded iPhone 12. The increase in sales would not take place until the following quarter, suggesting that the phones will be about a quarter behind.

Obviously, this delay, which could affect the release of the iPhone 12, is a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. Given the health crisis, Apple engineers certainly couldn’t go to factories in China to get the models ready on time. The calendar could therefore be delayed to finally influence the start date.

Other previous rumors already suggested that the iPhone 12 might see the light of day later than usual. A few days ago, reports indicated that the future model of the apple brand would not be on time and would rather appear in October.

At the moment, Apple has not commented on the issue and prefers to remain discreet. It is also not yet known whether the keynote date is also delayed or only the publication dates. After the presentation of the iPhone X, the phone had not been on the market for two months.

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