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Apple is not the company that sells the most smartphones, by volume in the world, but that is not necessarily bad for the company. In fact, this is now confirmed by the new report by the market research agency Counterpoint Research.

According to the most recent report of this entity, the iPhone line was the one that generated the most profit for your company in the first quarter of 2021. Samsung is in second place, immediately followed by Xiaomi.

42% of all profit generated in the smartphone market is attributed to the iPhone line

Counterpoint Research points out that, in the first quarter of 2021, 354 million smartphones shipped all around the world. This is a growth of 20% compared to the same period in 2020, having generated a global profit of $ 113 billion, distributed by all brands present in the market.

The one that reaps the largest share of this profit is, unsurprisingly, Apple due to its line of iPhone smartphones. Concretely, these equipments mean 42% of the 113 billion generated in the market.

However, this does not mean that these devices have been the most sold in this time interval. In fact, Apple only dispatched 16.8% of the 354 million that represent the universe under analysis.

These figures are very informative of the strategy that guides Apple’s decisions. The intention is not to be the one that sells more units worldwide, but to generate the highest possible profit for the company.

The iPhone 12 were the main drivers of the astronomical profits that the technology recorded between January and March this year. The highlight is the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the most expensive in this line, being the one that gave the most profit to your company in these three months.

Samsung and Xiaomi far from the values ​​recorded by Apple

As already mentioned, in second place is the South Korean Samsung, representing only 17.5% of profit generated in this market. It is an abysmal difference for its archrival and the result of a very different approach to the market.

Samsung is present in all market segments, from the most economical models to the folding ones with prohibitive prices for most. But since its most affordable models are the ones that sell the most, it is natural that the profit obtained will be lower.

It should be noted, in fact, that shipments rose compared to the same period in 2020, and are now fixed at 21.7% of this universe. Numbers driven by the Galaxy A line, with proposals for different price ranges.

The reality of Xiaomi is not much different, with a difference between shipping and profit even more pronounced. In the first quarter of this year, Chinese technology dispatched 13.7%. However, the profit for Xiaomi is only 7.6%.

A mirror that leaves no doubt where Xiaomi’s real influence lies. The Chinese company is extremely popular for its inexpensive devices and this means that the profits generated are substantially less than some of its biggest rivals.

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