Apple iPhone buyers favor higher-end iPhone models – MacDailyNews December 27, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Samik Chatterjee, Apple iPhone buyers continue to show a preference for higher-end iPhone models which bodes well for Apple’s iPhone average selling price (ASP).

He wrote in a Sunday note to clients the lead times for the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max “continue to build, which given that it has now been a few weeks since the specific SKUs have been available is a favorable indicator of customer demand.”

The lead time for the iPhone 12 Pro is now about 27 days, he said, which is the longest he’s seen since the first week. Conversely, lead times for the less expensive iPhone mini and iPhone 12 are tracking lower than they did last week.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, lead times could also be reflective of how many units Apple had managed to stockpile prior to launch and how many units the assemblers are capable of producing. There may have simply been more iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 units than iPhone 12 Pro and the flagship iPhone 12 Pro Max units. Even if this is the case, demand could still be higher for the Pro models, so both conditions could be true.