Apple iPhone 12 Pro Vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Face Off December 19, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news


For users that are seeking professional-level cameras and other pro features in their smartphone, 2020 has been a very good year. Both Apple and Samsung have upped their game on their pro smartphone lineups, including with the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 12 Pro in October and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 in August. Both phones include a retooled and upgraded camera system, while the iPhone 12 Pro got a form factor redesign–making the device much boxier than the recent generations of curved-edge iPhones. The Galaxy Note 20, Samsung’s stylus-equipped phone for power users, got a number of major updates including some that business users will especially appreciate.

If you’re weighing your options for a pro-level smartphone, and you’ve narrowed down to an iPhone 12 Pro vs Galaxy Note 20 decision, which of the two devices is the best fit for your needs? Most likely you’ll want to compare the iOS and Android devices on features and specs–such as camera, battery life, display and performance–as well as comparing their pricing, of course. We cover all of that and more in the following slides for our Apple iPhone 12 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 20 head-to-head comparison on specs, features and price.