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Apple iPhone 12 Mini: To Buy or Not to Buy This Apple Device.

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( Apple says that the iPhone 12 Mini is just a smaller version of the iPhone 12. According to the company, the only difference between the Mini and its sibling is that the former is smaller and cheaper. But there’s a lot more that remains a mystery.

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini has a small battery and this change in battery size reduces the device’s performance by 2 hours. The iPhone 12 offers 17 hours of battery life, whereas the Mini variant offers only 15 hours of video playback. These figures are from Apple. The user experience could be different depending on how people use their phones.

Reports suggest that Apple is using a 2,227mAh battery in the iPhone 12 Mini. When compared, the battery capacity of the phone is 18% more than the iPhone SE 2020 and 21% less than the iPhone 12. Surprisingly, Apple has reduced iPhone 12 battery size. The new phone is smaller and thinner than the iPhone 11 and as a result, it has a 9.5% smaller battery. Since the iPhone series uses Apple’s proprietary hardware and software which works seamlessly together, it is easier for iPhone batteries to last long.

Apple has also confirmed that the smaller size of the phone does not have much impact on its battery life. However, buyers of the iPhone 12 Mini are still concerned about the real numbers. The major concern regarding battery life is related to 5G connectivity. The iPhone 12 series is the first batch of 5G iPhones from Apple. This reminds people of the iPhone 5 which was launched when 4G was a new technology. The 4G radio was a thermal mess. This time when Apple has moved to the 5nm process for its chip, buyers are worried whether Apple has underestimated the power-hungry 5G radio.

The Apple iPhone 12 Mini’s 15 hour-long battery life is not that bad considering the fact that many smartphones from rivals, despite having a bigger battery, do not last that much. But battery life still remains a deal-breaker. Sure, you get everything including the same display quality, camera, software, and chip for $100 less.

All the new iPhone models now support Dual SIM mode that allows users to take advantage of a nano-SIM and eSIM. Doing so helps users access two different connections which are extremely helpful for people who travel a lot or need personal and business phone lines separate. Now when the 5G connectivity is available, unfortunately, the Dual SIM mode isn’t compatible with 5G.

Apple’s internal document shows that the iPhone 12 Mini Dual Sim mode doesn’t support 5G. Users will be using 4G LTE networks. Interestingly, the network on both lines won’t support 5G and will fall on 4G in the Dual SIM model. So, those using the eSIM with a nano-SIM card will have to remove the latter in order to use the 5G network. Apple is reportedly working on this and a software update in the future will enable 5G support for the Dual SIM model.

The good thing about the iPhone 12 Mini is that it has an OLED display, unlike iPhone 11’s LCD panel. The phone sports an incredibly fast processor and when 5G arrives in many areas across the US, it will offer more value to users, especially those buying an iPhone 12 series phone just for 5G. You’ll find a USB-C to Lightning cable in the box. However, Apple has decided to take the earbuds and power brick away from the package in a bid to promote environment-friendly product design.

Other interesting features of the iPhone 12 Mini are a camera with improved night mode, build quality, design, and MagSafe support. The Apple iPhone 12 Mini is for those wanting to upgrade for a long time. Those who waited for 5G can now join the bandwagon. The Mini is another attempt by Apple to bring more people on board. Since many Android users are switching to iOS, the iPhone SE 2020 doesn’t give the confidence to make such a bold move. In any case, the iPhone 12 Mini alone won’t make Apple the leader in the 5G smartphone market, but it can surely help Apple enjoy 5G leadership for quite some time.

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