Android has made progress on updates (but this is not necessarily shown). July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Android has many advantages over iOS. However, one of the main disadvantages is the slowness of the arrival of updates. When Google starts a new version of the operating system, it arrives very quickly on pixel smartphones. For models from other brands, the update may be delayed. This is because the provision of an Android update depends not only on Google, but also on the manufacturer of a smartphone, the manufacturers of the components of this smartphone and sometimes also on the operators.

In recent years, Google has launched numerous projects to accelerate the update of Android smartphones. This includes the Treble project, a revision of the operating system architecture that enables manufacturers to update their smartphones more quickly.

Despite these efforts, it is clear that updates to new versions of Android will still affect some brands. However, Google provides supporting evidence that Android 10, the 2019 release, has made significant progress. “” […] The launch of Android 10 was faster than any previous version of Android. Android 10 ran on 100 million devices 5 months after launch – it’s 28% faster than Android Pie »said a blog post released this week on the Android website. This post is accompanied by the following graphic, which compares the deployment speed of the different versions of the operating system.

Google published diagram comparing the deployment speed of Android versions

Google published diagram for comparing the delivery speed of Android versions / © Google

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Faster deployment for Android 11?

Google is discussing this progress as it is currently preparing to launch Android 11. In addition to improvements for developers and new features for users, the company has also planned some new features to help improve the update process and reduce the fragmentation of the operating system in several versions.

For those who want to discover the new features before the official release, it is already possible to test Android 11 by installing the beta on a compatible smartphone. In addition to Google’s pixel smartphones, the list also includes models such as the OnePlus 8 and the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. Mountain View says seven brands are participating in the Android 11 test and the beta is available for 13 third-party models. Including other brands in testing new versions of Android also helps improve the update process.