Android 11 Beta will soon be available for Find X2 and Find X2 Pro July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Every year, Google presents the new features of Android at an I / O conference. However, the 2020 edition of this event was canceled due to the pandemic. Instead of the I / O conference, Google wanted to organize an online event to launch the beta for Android 11.

However, this event was also canceled due to the situation in the United States. And this week, Google finally released the first beta of Android 11, but more discreetly. “We canceled the virtual launch event so people could focus on important discussions about racial justice in the United States. Instead, today we are releasing the beta version of Android 11 in a completely different form via short videos and websites that you can use at your own pace at the right time. Millions of developers around the world start their own business with Android. We’re releasing the beta today to continue supporting these developers with the latest tools. “we read in a press release from Mountain View.

Available soon on Oppo flagships

In any case, after the release of this first beta, we know that it can be installed on these two non-pixel smartphones: the Oppo Find X2 and the Oppo Find X2 Pro, the two flagships recently launched by Oppo. As reported by the XDA site, Android 11 beta will be available on these two devices in June (with the ColorOS overlay, of course).

In contrast to the preview, the beta of Android is a more stable version that is aimed not only at developers, but also at fans who want to test the new functions. And normally, this beta of Android 11 should be available on other models before the stable version is released (other brands will announce this soon).

Among the new features that are already available in this first beta of Android 11, there is a new organization of notifications, a new way of interacting with the content on the screen with voice commands or even shortcuts to control the connected objects in the power menu . With regard to data protection, Google has also developed some improvements, e.g. For example, the ability to grant permissions to an app for only one session, or the automatic removal of permissions from applications that are no longer used.