An on-screen Touch ID for the iPhone 12? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

Apple is one of the brands that have popularized the use of fingerprint scanners on smartphones. Currently Apple’s flagship products, the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, no longer use this biometric sensor. The reason ? In older models from the company, the Touch ID was positioned on the home button. However, this button is no longer available on newer models (except for the iPhone SE 2020).

However, this does not necessarily mean that Apple is saying goodbye to Touch ID. The company could very well follow the example of the manufacturers of Android smartphones and integrate the fingerprint scanner on the screen in its next models. Rumors have suggested this several times.

And if Apple has not yet indicated whether it wants to use the on-screen fingerprint scanners, we at least know that the company’s engineers have already thought about it. As the information site Apple Insider reports in an article published in July, the US Patent Office recently published two Apple patents related to this technology. In addition, the company’s earlier patents were already associated with this technology.

A technology that is already used by smartphones with Android

Of course, based on these patents, we cannot currently say that Apple will integrate a Touch ID on the screens of its next models. However, the intellectual properties of the company allow us to get an idea of ​​the technologies researched by its researchers.

As a reminder: Apple’s flagship products that no longer have a fingerprint scanner are currently using facial recognition. If this system can be very practical, it has its limits. Currently, wearing a mask, for example, forces iPhone users to unlock their devices by entering a password. And Apple had to update the iOS code for its operating system to adapt to this situation.

After the launch of the new iOS 14 at the WWDC conference, Apple will present its next iPhone before the end of the year. The main innovation should be 5G modems. Indeed, Apple has ended the conflict that opposed Qualcomm in order to receive supplies from this component supplier for smartphones. But it is likely that Cupertino will reserve other good surprises for its fans.