After the OnePlus Nord an even cheaper “Lite” version? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

On July 21, OnePlus will introduce a new smartphone called OnePlus Nord. While the Chinese brand has already launched its standard OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro carriers, this new model will position itself as a mid-range device that is more affordable but contains a technical sheet that remains interesting. The OnePlus Nord has already appeared in a promotional video, and we also know that this model will use a Snapdragon 765G processor and will cost less than 500 euros in Europe.

And while waiting for the official presentation of the OnePlus Nord, rumors are circulating on the Internet about an even cheaper version that could be called OnePlus Nord Lite. This week, the GSMArena website actually publishes an article that highlights benchmarks for a mysterious OnePlus model with lower performances than the OnePlus Nord. The website explains that OnePlus may have developed another model besides OnePlus Nord that uses the Snapdragon 690 processor with 6 GB of RAM.

A OnePlus Nord Lite?

But of course this is just a hypothesis at the moment. Therefore, all this information should be viewed with extreme caution. If the existence of a cheaper version of the OnePlus Nord is one of the options, GSMArena does not rule out that it could simply be a prototype of the OnePlus Nord.

In any case, it would be logical for OnePlus to launch an even cheaper smartphone than the OnePlus Nord, as this category of devices is extremely popular today. Given the economic context, it is possible that even more people will choose an affordable model instead of choosing a flagship.

Today, Apple is even represented in the mid-range smartphone segment with the iPhone SE 2020. When the OnePlus Nord is available on the market, it will also be one of its main competitors.

Otherwise, it is noted that the brand has also announced that it will be launching its first wireless headphones at the July 21 event in addition to OnePlus Nord. This event will be broadcast via an augmented reality application that can be downloaded on Android or iOS.