According to this model, there will be no notch for the successor to the iPhone 12 (in 2021). July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

While most media mainly focuses on the iPhone 12 and its variants, which are due to be released before the end of the year, the YouTube channel Mac Otakara (forwarded by 9to5Mac) has recently released a model that shows which of the models it is will come out in 2021 might look. The model would have been made taking rumors into account and would be a prototype for one of the future iPhone.

We can draw three main pieces of information from this video. First, this suggests that the 5.5-inch model may not have a notch in 2021. It is possible that Apple, like other manufacturers, is developing a way to integrate the front camera on the screen to enable a refined facade. On the other hand, the video suggests that Apple could give up its Lightning port in 2021 and use the USB-C, which is currently the standard for Android smartphones. Finally, the video suggests that the successor to the iPhone 12 could have 3 or 4 cameras on the back. And since it should be the cheapest model with a small screen, we can assume that Apple could therefore place even more cameras on the back of the more expensive models.

Radical changes?

Of course, this information should be treated with extreme caution at the moment, as it is not official. And many rumors will circulate until the iPhone is launched in 2021. Some may contradict previous articles. And Apple will not give any clues before the official presentation.

In any case, all of this information is relevant. As for the screen, as mentioned above, Apple would not be the only smartphone manufacturer looking into the possibility of hiding the front camera under this screen so as not to annoy the user with a notch. Using the USB-C connector instead of the Lightning connector would allow Apple to comply with future regulations that would require the use of a universal charger for all electronic devices. And increasing the number of cameras would be a logical result (to remind you, Apple has increased the number of cameras on the back of its latest iPhone).

Otherwise, rumors are currently suggesting that Apple could delay the release of the iPhone 12 (due to be released this year) due to the pandemic.