a roll-up screen smartphone from 2021? July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

While Samsung is fully interested in foldable smartphones, LG doesn’t seem to be interested in this technology at the moment and offers smartphones with two screens that are hinged. According to a new rumor, however, the manufacturer could launch a roll-up smartphone as early as next year.

This is indicated in any case by an article in the Korean media The Elec citing sources close to the case. According to him, the code name of this device would be “B Project” internally and LG has already ordered prototypes.

Instead of developing foldable smartphones (like “all”), will LG switch directly to roll-up screens?

Like foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the LG rollup smartphone would somehow enable a device that can be converted into a tablet. But instead of folding or unfolding, the screen rolled up or down on one side. To make this possible, LG would use a flexible OLED screen. The Elec also points out that this model was developed in collaboration with the Chinese company BOE. In the end, the roll-up smartphone created by this new rumor could come very close to the concept that the TCL brand presented in March. But of course these are just rumors at the moment. And these should be viewed with extreme caution.

Today, LG smartphones are struggling to sell. Nevertheless, the company’s Mobile division shows a desire to pull together to reap profits. Two months ago, LG launched the “Velvet”, a new smartphone that is part of this strategy change to improve sales. Roll-up screens (while other manufacturers focus on foldable smartphones) may also be part of this effort. With the introduction of this model in 2021, LG could position itself as one of the most important innovators in the smartphone market.