5 apps to prepare New Years Eve from A to Z July 15, 2020 – Posted in: Smartphone news

We often talk about applications to sublimate Christmas Eve, those that help children wait by offering them games or those that assist the user to make the dish of the day easier, with guided recipes step by step.

But you can also use your smartphone during New Year’s Eve, so that the party is always more crazy. And whether you live an unforgettable moment with family or friends.

In order to support you in this regard, we have selected 5 applications for you. In their own way, they are all extremely useful. If you want to have as much fun as possible on the evening of December 31, before moving on to the year 2020, read these few lines.

My Cocktail Bar to prepare your cocktails

Do you want to impress your friends with gourmet and original cocktails? If this application can help you succeed in great classics, you can also use it to test new associations.

Even though many apps boast of offering thousands of different preparations, this one contains only the most popular, carefully chosen by the developers. In addition, you can have suggestions based on the ingredients you have, so as not to be disappointed with the idea of ​​seeing a recipe that you cannot reproduce.

For each cocktail, you have access to a detailed recipe as well as to alternative ideas. You will not be able to do without it if you get into the habit of using it!


YouShould to save money at the bar

You don’t want to spend the whole evening at home or at a friend’s house for New Years? If you plan to go out to bars, don’t hesitate to download the YouShould app. If you only discover it now, you can use it at any time of the year, for various and varied occasions.

This program is available in several cities in France such as Paris, Lyon, Nantes or Lille. You can even request it in Brussels, Belgium. It allows you, in a few clicks, to reserve your places in a bar and obtain negotiated prices. Live, you access the offers offered by establishments near you.

Be careful, at New Year’s Eve, the restaurants will undoubtedly be taken by storm, and the prices may rise quickly. Do not hesitate to anticipate to contact the structures that interest you a few days before, and make your reservation early. This will avoid disappointment on D-Day.


The Common Pot for everyone to participate in the budget

Is the New Year’s Eve planned for you or one of your friends? Obviously, the host does not have to fund everything. So that everyone can contribute to the evening and that its cost remains reasonable for all, use the Le Pot Commun application.

In a few minutes, you will be able to develop a pot linked to the evening. Do not forget to invite all participants: they can pay their share simply by credit card, without even having to create a member account on Le Pot Commun.

Thereafter, the creator of the pot collects the money by bank transfer, within 48 hours of the end of the harvest. The application makes it very easy to see who has paid their share, to raise reminders for late payments and to thank those who have already made their payment. Practical and user-friendly!

The common pot

Flashgap for an unforgettable evening

For several years now, social networks have made it possible to keep an indelible record of each evening spent with friends. Indeed, after the party, you can for example create a photo album on Facebook and easily share it with all the people who were present.

However, to spice up this dialogue linked to the New Year, we invite you to test Flashgap, directly inspired by the film “Very Bad Trip”. Throughout the evening you can have fun taking pictures and even writing short stories.

Then, you choose who will be able to access the content and, at noon the next day, the media are revealed to everyone. A more fun format than traditional social networks to keep track of the evening.


Uber to go home safely

If alcohol is always to be consumed in moderation, it is advisable to leave the wheel even when one has drunk two or three glasses: the cocktails made at home are sometimes stronger than those of the bars, one is likely to quickly exceed the threshold legally authorized. And not to mention police checks, drinking means seeing your reflexes quickly diminish. Logically, this behavior exposes you more to road accidents.

To prevent the evening from ending badly, download Uber on your phone in advance, and do not hesitate to create your account and configure your profile even before New Year’s Eve. In this way, everything will be ready to make your reservation when leaving the evening.


With these 5 applications, you will necessarily have a successful New Year’s Eve party, since nothing will be left to chance, from the preparation of cocktails to the choice of places to go to party, via the return home.